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Overbed Tables

Overbed Tables
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Deluxe Overbed Table - Carex
This table�s convenient flat surface makes it easier for people to eat write letters or do projec..
Home Overbed Table- Carex
Stylish and new Overbed Table for the home no clinical hospital look Easy to adjust (24�-34�) t..
Overbed Table - Low Bed Style
Designed for use with low beds that have a 3.5 floor to frame clearance Overall width at base 2..
Overbed Table - Non Tilt Economical
Tabletop: 30 W x 15 D Height Adjustment: 30 to 47 Walnut wood grain laminated top Table top..
Overbed Table - Tilt Top Economical
Easily assembled Walnut wood grain laminated top Top can be tilted in infinite number of sett..
Overbed Table Automatic w/XL Top & Chrome H Base
Top & Chrome H Base  Top &Opal Powder Coat U Base  Spring loaded lift mecha..
Overbed Table Non-Tilt w/Chrome Base & Mast
Walnut wood grain low pressure laminate top. Table top can be raised or lowered in infinite pos..
Overbed Table Pivot and Tilt Multi-Position
No assembly required The mast of the table pivots and can be locked in onof the 3 positions fro..
Table (EZ) for Lift Chair Left Side
Left Side The EZ TableTM is a natural companion for older adults people who own lift chairs and..
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