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Beds and Accessories

Beds and Accessories

Adjustable beds, Electric beds, Home hospital beds:  Do you need help to choose a Bed for HomeCare? 

choosing a new bed can be intimidating.  Selecting the wrong bed can lead to years of bad sleep and back problems.  There are a number of elements to consider when purchasing a bed, such as the different types of mattresses, bed frames, sheets and of course price.  Medical Gear For Life offers a variety of HomeCare beds, mattresses, mattress covers, and accessories.  The overview below of what we have available can help you make the right choice based on your personal needs and our outstanding selection of beds and accessories.

Bariatric Beds
They are available in different width and weight capacity up to 1000 pounds.  All steel construction with heavy duty frame ensures strength and patient safety.  The beds are easy to setup because of the Split pan design and removable bed ends.  No tools are necessary for setup.

Homecare Full Electric Bed
These adjustable beds are fully electric controlled by a hand pendant.  The bed helps to increases mobility and provides secure locking for safety.  It allows positioning of the upper body and or knees for maximum patient comfort.  Bed offers easy setup and operation.

Foam Mattress
Mattress is designed for homecare use with economy in mind.  Inner core is high compression polyurethane pressure foam that is covered with Chemsafe anti-microbial fire-retardant cover meeting California Technical Bulletin #117.  Covered with low-shear nylon vinyl-backed cover and is available in adult bariatric and pediatric sizes.

Innerspring Mattress
These mattresses are a high quality inner spring design constructed of premium grade cotton and high-density urethane foam for maximum comfort and increased durability.  The vinyl cover is waterproof, anti-bacterial, and anti-static for easy use and care.

Bed Rails & Fall Protectors
Various bed rails and fall protectors are available to help with stability and safety for all ranges of maturity, including children and baby boomers.   Our bed rails will fit all bed sizes, including twin, queen, and king.  Our bed rails are cnstructed of steel for strength and durability.

Pressure Relief Pillow
Cushioned design off -loads heels into the air relaxing the spine and decreasing lower back pain.  Convoluted surface securely positions both legs, breathable low-shear 4-way stretch cover with antimicrobial protection reduces friction.  Slip resistant bottom prevents sliding and it wipes clean for convenient care.


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