Thera-Band Exercise Band

Thera-Band Exercise Band
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Thera-Band- 50 Yard- Yellow
50 YARD DISPENSER BOX Thin Yellow Medium Red Heavy Green X-Heavy Blue XX-Heavy Black ..
Thera-Band- 6 Yard- Tan
6-YARD PATIENT ROLLS Ultra-Thin Tan Thin Yellow  Medium Red Heavy Green X-Heavy Bl..
Theraband Accessory Kit
Thera-band accesories simplify the training or rehab process Contains 1- Door Anchor 2- Exercis..
Theraband Dispenser Package Yellow 30-5' Bands
Green Heavy 17 Lbs. Yellow Thin 11 Lbs. Green Heavy 17 Lbs. Blue Heavy 17 Lbs. Black Spec..
Theraband Exercise Ball Stackers (Pack/3)
Can be used with all inflatable exercise balls ..
Theraband Extremity Straps(pr)
A pair of neoprene straps which can be attached to your arms or legs to increase the convenience ..
Theraband Light Bands Set Yellow red green(Mfgr#20403)
5 FOOT CUT LENGTHS Light ( Yellow Red Green) A special system of progressive resistance Can..
Theraband Soft Weights Tan 1.1# / 0.5 kg.(Mfr#25811)
Tan 1.1# / 0.5 kg. Yellow 2.2#/1.0 kg Red 3.3#/1.5 kg. Green 4.4 #/2.0 kg. Blue 5.5 lb./2..
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